New XP system

Really? Huh.

So I guess the Nimrods flying A380s while taking off from the taxiway are more experienced?


my thoughts exactly…


This wouldn’t work. Someone could fly a A380 from LAX-SAN and get more XP than someone that flies a 737 from LAX-DEN.

Weight doesn’t affect the performance of an aircraft. Landing with more weight doesn’t necessarily make it harder. It just means slower climb rates or higher speeds.

This system could also be easily abused by people using max weight and short flights.

I agree with Mats this doesn’t make a lot of sense.


Well it seemed like a good idea at first thought of it like real life with money from passengers

A seperate system would be cool though! Much like FSEconomy! @Cameron @epaga have a look… Would be totally awesome to do something like that.


While we were in the augment is thinking of a another thing like it costs Xp for fuel so you have to do a flight that profits but the link is pretty cool thing there doing

It would be great if XP reflected your ability to fly the aircraft properly, and possibly a pipe dream, but your ability to interact respectfully with others. Here are some examples…

Behavior that would increase XP…
. Landing in difficult conditions (already there)
. Number of landings (already there)
. Reasonable landing speed
. Reasonable climb and descend rates
. Staying on the runway during landing and takeoff
. Holding short when other aircraft are on short final
. Good spacing in the pattern and on the ground
. Filing a flight plan
. Reasonable altitudes approaching your destination airport
. There are many more, but you get my drift

Behavior that would reduce XP…
. Crashing
. Veering off the runway on takeoff or landing
. Taxiing through someone
. Pulling onto the runway when someone is on short final
. Landing when someone is on the runway
. Speeding on the ground or in the air
. Following too close in the pattern
. Failure to follow ATC instructions on the Expert server
. Again, many more, but you get my drift

Ultimately What’s behind this is rewarding people that can control the aircraft, but in addition people that are respectful of others. The respect part is important, as it makes the experience on Expert more pleasurable for everyone!


Actually. It can ge exploited easily now aswell… tight patterns remember? This shouldnt be a reason for it not to exist.

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Well, that’s debatable… The best way to earn experience is by practicing landings!

100% agreement with you! I’d much rather fly patterns than long haul flights. In patterns, you’re interacting with other pattern aircraft, and perfecting your approach and landing skills. I fly patterns probably 75% of the time with the goal of turning final right on runway heading, reasonable descent rates and speed, and hitting the marks on touchdown. Practice makes perfect!


You drift a lot 😂

My suggestion to counter farming was to reduce XP count after a few hours
So for the first few hours you’ld still be earning (let’s say) 40XP per hour
Then after 8(?) hours you’ll earn less, like say 30XP/hr
9 hours flight time - 25XP/hr etc
Until eventually maybe 20 hours flight time onwards 1XP/hr

I hope they issue some kind of punishment model for taxing through someone.

There are topics pertaining to that issue!
Just not here though ^-^

@Aman_Karmacharya this may be what you’re looking for!
Aircraft Collison Feature (Ground and Air)

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It’s a simulator, I would not trust any TS1 pilots to be a pilot in real life


THIS is the kind of ideas that got Emilia where she’s at now. lol yeah I think this idea would be exploited, but would love to see some type of rework of the point system or at least something official.

LOL! No as I said, flying transatlantic in the C172 is perfectly possible… :P You just have to have some pitstops on the way!

Maybe just for Expert?

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Again , it’s. a simulator, just because you want to fly a bigger plane does not mean you are a better pilot.

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