New XP system

This gonna be simple
The more passengers/freight the more xp
Why this will work
Because you will have to make a choice more Xp less performance


This’d be Awesome when global comes out!


I defantly support This

Well, that wouldn’t be fair, and would also be exploited easily.

Then the fastest way would be to fly transatlantic with the A388. What if you want to fly the B738, or the A330? Do you get less experience flying those planes, than flying a A388?

People need to remember what XP (Experience Points) are supposed to show. It’s supposed to show how much experience and flight time you have… That it would be dependent on how many passengers you fly is just weird…

Flying transatlantic with a C172 would gain you a lot more experience than flying transatlantic with an A380.


The bigger/harder the plane the more knowledge is required. You are also transporting extra cargo and the responsibility of passengers.

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You can’t fly the Cessna Transatlantic with one tank of fuel (remember fuel burn)

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But having more passengers means you need more fuel with means more weight and less performance
Longer landing
Longer takeoff role
Longer to get to cruise altitude

Less range

No not really. The small the harder to fly…

And yes you can. How do you think Cessna’s are transported from US to Europe? You just need an extra fuel tank in the back, and a few stops along the way. :)

@Fynn aircraft performance isn’t just dependent on the weight. A big aircraft responds a lot more smoothly than smaller airplanes. They also require longer runways, thus bigger airports.

Now take for example a Dash-8. They fly in some of the worlds most challenging places, land on really short runways and have to fight the wind. Wouldn’t you say that a regional pilot has a lot more experience than a long-haul pilot?


It for all planes a dash-8 and land full passengers at say Sydney[but just for the sake of keeping it real] but couldn’t land a orange

But a dash 8 holds a lot less passengers than a A380, correct?

That’s what i’m saying. Experience isn’t at all related to how many passengers you fly.

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But how are you gonna get an a380 into orange

But you do have a piont

I think your spoiler failed 😂

Yep I agree

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What if I want to fly a freight plane?

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I said “A” tank. And also Cessna’s are sometimes transported in other planes.

Yes same thing applies let me just edit the post

Into orange, what do you mean?

@Aussie_Wombat fully possible to fly without fuel modification as well :)

WIth no people in the cockpit

Fly with no people in the cockpit, what??