New World Record Set for Heaviest Plane Pulled

Last month, the official Guinness World Records YouTube channel posted a video of a group of 98 wheelchair users pulling a 787-9. Pulling a 127 ton 787-9, they squashed the old World Record of heaviest plane pulled by a group of wheelchair users by nearly 60 tons! This was a truly remarkable feat, and a great example that we are all equal!

This event was organized by Aerobility.

What is Aerobility?
Aerobility is an organization involving bringing out the inner aviation enthusiast in a physically disabled person. This is a great organization, as it gives opportunities to the less fortunate to be able to do things many wish they could do, like pull a plane!

The video:


Congratulations to the people who took part in this challenge πŸ™‚ πŸ‘

We don’t need TUGs anymore, do we?

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at 1:47, the people in the bus are wondering what this is!

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