New WestJet Dash 8-Q400

C-FOEN | Bombardier Dash 8-Q402 | WestJet Encore | Brandon Siska | JetPhotos

WestJet recently received their first repainted Dash 8 in the new livery, after 5 years of waiting! The first aircraft to be updated is C-FOEN, which has been in the fleet for over 10 years, and was the first to enter with WestJet Encore. I’m loving the improved look of the aircraft. If you feel the same, feel free to drop a vote in for this updated livery!

Voted! We’ll be seeing this around Minneapolis soon, on a new year round WestJet Encore Q400 service from Regina.


Tbh, I like the new livery on the 737s and 787s but not so much on the Q400

Voted! I love turboprops and RJs so I would love to have the updated westjet!