New weight config for Global

Laura released a new shot on Instagram notice a difference?


Max landing and takeoff are the same

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And pounds


There are aircraft that use pounds, it makes sense for airlines based in the US and perhaps Canada. But other airlines will still use KGs.


Hope we can transfer

use hope we can have a setting for either Lbs or Kgs…


As people have said I hope that there is an option for pounds to ounces but still great feature

While we’re at it, can we also have an option where the numbers are represented in scientific notation? ;)

does this mean fuel burn as the weight system is being changed???

Scientific notation? As we are dealing with an Aerospace Engineering Simulator how about engineering terms that we currently use…?

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Looks like a new plane. The aircraft title ends in H.
Could well be a C-130. (C-130H)

The C130 H also has the same MTOW as the picture.

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And you can see that there are only two categories to change the weight. (Maybe Fuel and Cargo) , so there are no passengers. Maybe the C130

It is the C-130H

Check my post in “Laura Testing New Aircraft.”

It compares the weight between the C-130H and the one in the picture. It’s pretty much confirmed now.

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Hopefully they fix the inaccurate MTOWs of the 787s.

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Wait, is it not called scientific notation anymore? I must be getting old…

Good sarcasm! LOL

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