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I’m thinking of making a new IF related website. I was thinking of a best photos website. Is there anything else you want to see? What do you think of the website idea now? Thanks in advance. Regulars change category as needed. 😉

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Any suggestions?

I feel like the biggest nerd around admitting this, but I recreated the “spotter standing on the beach with a plane flying overhead for landing at TNCM” experience and it looked pretty darn cool. I’m surprised that with a large spotting community that there aren’t more spotting videos, particularly with the newer free cam. Maybe I’m just not looking in the right place. Either way, that could be a cool addition.

I have some spotting videos, but not really realistic

I’ll PM the link?

Thanks! I’d like to see what you have.

Ideas lol???

Aircrash? I am planning it, for YouTube of course

On IF lol? How?

Don’t know, guess I could call an A300/A310 and 320 or something. Tri-jets are the hard part

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