New website for infinite flight


i am making website now please add ideas anything even photo anything so i can make new website for infinite flight simulator


But… we already have multiple official websites. This forum, and the Main page


The website will have everything. Even downloads infinite flight simulator 2015 for PC I will make the game for pic infinite flight simulator 2015


PC I mean ok


I will promise you 100 percent


Deal or not say


And you will be famous


There is no IF PC sim.

Best, Boeing707


They alreay are well known among the avgeek community. One problem if they become too famous is that they might attract more trolls.

Best, Boeing707


Just make the website if you want to. No one is stopping you. I am building an IF website myself right now.

Best, Boeing707


Did @matt tell you you could work on a PC version of IF and another website for it…cuz it’s kind of his app and you need his permission. Just saying, you can’t just jump up and say you’re going to make a version of an app you like :).


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Maybe this website should talk about the next upcoming features and add-ons to infinite flight. It should mostly talk about the planes being added into the game having a bio about and why should we have it. We will decide what next plane should be added in the game. This could a great website to me


That’s pretty much what this forum is for :expressionless:
You can make a post about whatever you like. If you search A320 in the search bar you’ll see 3 topics that are linked together in one way or another. The one in the Features category is a wiki that anyone can edit. We have a list of confirmed and unconfirmed airplanes and liveries.


I like sorry I had waited so long i was enjoying vacation but after the legendary airbus a320 is added they should start working on the airbus a321 if they didn’t do so already and maybe the other airbus adding add-ons models to them the plane they really really need to improve is the Boeing 787 900 and maybe add the Boeing 787 300, 800(mostly important), and the 1000 model. I have so much to talk about with plane I feel like I’m their biggest fan