New waypoints symbol arent good

I think the old waypoint symbol was better than now. I would like to see the old symbol.
The new symbol:

I like it. it will be necessary to see on time …

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Nothing has changed about it that I know of
(Also, if this is a feature request, it needs more information)

What is the old waypoint? Never seen this before.

This is the new idicaiton for VOR waypoints

They have always been triangles for as long as I can remember. Seems like in the recent hotfix, they were resized a touch to appear slightly bigger.

In regards to those circular waypoints, these are actually NDBs and were added in that same hotfix. These have a different purpose. Read more here.

Not exactly sure what you’re asking for here.


Yes, I agree. Besides the size and the NDB’s nothing has changed


I like the current waypoint symbol. Just my opinion.

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It’s an NDB. They’ve been reintroduced to Infinite Flight. We used to have them way back.