New way to play IF!

Is there any way to do this with YouTube

Not yet. I hope youtube releases this feature soon though.

Ok. Do you know of any other video apps works this

No, It is the iPad 2/Mini or later.

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No you are wrong, Ice.

Its the mini2/air or greater.

DaSquirrelsNuts! What do I win?

Not that much, considering he changed it to Squirrel a while back…


There is a way! Search on Google “YouTube PIP” and then insert your YouTube URL! Problem solved! Happy landings!


What game is the guy in the picture playing? And is it for mobile devices?

He is playing Cities Skylines, I did this on my iPad mini 2 (I think it’s a 2). And it’s on twitch the video

Yes it actually works.

I use this feature for long flights 😂

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You can do saftey videos!

Looks like Cities SKylines. I have the game


I wouldn’t really say a new way to play IF. I’d say a new way to watch YouTube. But whatever you need to keep it IF related…

Can you do this for airport charts too!?!?!?

YouTube has a gaming live feed app that does this, don’t know about PiP, Android N will do this in the middle of year hopefully

My two favorite games in one pic 😂

The Cities Skylines love around here is real!

A shame it dosen’t work for YouTube though.

@iCoffeeCat maybe you can talk to some people… :-P

@IceBlue do this.
@iCoffeeCat sorry.