New way to play IF!

Today I was ill, so I was mucking around with iOS 9 and realised you can do this!!!

Guess the streamer to get extra points!


That is pretty cool!

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Put the name in a spoiler

Ayyyy Cities Skylines

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I never knew you could do this! Thanks for pointing it out!

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is that on an iPad?

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Yes, yes it is.

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That’s Squirrel

Nice job!

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Yes a big Squirrel fan.


That’s really cool! Definitely gonna use it on long flights, thanks for pointing it out.

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What can you do? What is happening?

BTW how do you do that with YouTube… XD

He is using the PIP (Picture in Picture) to watch Twitch streamers while he plays IF.

You need iOS 9 and a iPad.

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I have both, what does that mean, and how does it help me?

It basically means you can watch stuff, while you play IF.


Cool! How do i do it?



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Great in-flight entertainment if you’re doing a long flight.

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Yes, an iPad which is the iPad Air 2 or later.