New Way of Organising How Events Are Listed in the Category List


With the new ATC Region system fast approaching and therefore the ability for IFATC to staff most if not all the events on the Expert Server. wouldn’t it be logical when you go into the Events Category to be able to see all events in chronological order in terms of what date and time they are happening (with the latest events at the top and working down).

This will make it a lot easier for IFATC members to see when and where events are without having to scroll through events that have already happened as well as it being easier for pilots - hopefully increasing the amount of sign-ups for events in the process.

Thanks for listening.


Sounds like a great idea, and I’m sure this would help all of us, but unfortunately I don’t think it’s possible due to Discourse limitations…

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I do think a special plug-in could be made where events are arranged as you said. It can take advantage of the insert date/time feature in discourse and use it to order the events. This plug-in would only recognise the original post to prevent corruption of the order. I feel it’s possible. Maybe someone who has more experience in script languages can try it?

Good idea though

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Hmmm yeah that could work and yes it would need to only be for the first post otherwise there would be no pointed having it.

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hi to everyone, this is great, the bigger the scope the better it will be to organize.

Great Idea!

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