New VS Rework Aircraft poll

What do you prefer between :

  • More new aircrafts (A350, MD11 etc etc)
  • All actual aircrafts reworked (physics, wingflex)

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I prefer to doesn’t have a new aircraft and wingflex on all planes instead.

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Personally, I’d like to see aircraft improved, and once that is done, more added.


I like new because in the making of new they can do reworks. Like hommie 757-300.

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I want to see more aircraft. More common GA planes. Right now we only have 3 prop aircraft that are “normal” for private pilots.


How is this vote different from the official vote thread? You could also vote there for either new planes or reworked planes. MD11/350 were the most popular, reworked planes not. So there’s your answer.

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This poll is more strict

Rework VS New

TBH I could care absolutely less about the MD11/DC10 and the A350. We just got the 787 and we’re about to get the C130. I feel we need to focus on the smaller jets. This being because global is very far away. At this rate, flying a 787 from LAX-SAN is unrealistic to a whole new level. We need more regional jets so these routes can be completed at a more realistic level.


Defenetely reworks

I’m not sure if it fit in the guidelines, other topics like this have been closed.

Not productive.