[New voting topic, vote there] Polls for my second event

This poll is closed, go vote here.
Unfortunately I cancelled my last event due to a high amount of last minute withdrawals, and nothing was working to get attendants. So today, I will host a poll for my second event.
Please pick a date that works for you. It might be hard in advance, but make sure you’re available. This is to avoid a bunch of last minute withdrawals.
I understand last minute activities can get in the way, and that’s fine.

  • May 4
  • May 5
  • May 11
  • May 12

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  • Kdca area
  • Kjfk area
  • Kmia area
  • Klax area
  • Ksfo area
  • Ksea area

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  • Fly out
  • Fly in
  • Landing competition
  • Group flight

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Once the date and area is decided, the individual airport and time polls will go up.
I hope to see you at my second event!


NOTAM: To the 2 of you who voted for the area very early on:
You might have to reset your votes, as I had to add another area.


By the San Francisco area, do you mean San Jose and Oakland are possibilities too, or only San Francisco

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Last chance to vote everyone! Polls close tomorrow!

Less than 6 hours left to vote!

The polls are closed everyone! Tomorrow I will post a new poll with individual airports and time.

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The new poll is up! Go vote there!


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