New Voting plugin for Features category

It could have 1000 votes it doesn’t mean it’s going to be implemented, some things are not possible on mobile devices.

For example everyone wants 3D buildings, personally I can’t see this happening in the near future just because of how much memory it would need to work and keep everything else smooth!

that is understandable but with the limit of votes, feature requests wont have a crazy amount of votes like the amount of likes the Qantas 737 did. Forget the 3D buildings, think aircraft, other implementable features and the lighting on the MD-11 which provides a different aspect that no other plane in IF so far has. How many votes would catch their attention?

Reason why I am asking this is because I see a decent amount of feature requests and being that we are limited in voting…I’d like to use my vote on something that has a chance of being added.

Remember, make sure you vote for old feature requests as well as new ones!. See if you can remember a feature you really want, and SEARCH FOR IT, then VOTE FOR IT.


Please refrain from using bold text like that in the future. It can be distracting. :)

Wasn’t distracting for me, and it obviously wasn’t to him. Nothing wrong with using bold text, just as long as the entire paragraph isn’t in bold. It got your attention didn’t it? Haha

Philippe already said that they will probably increase it in due time.

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The problem in allowing too many votes is that some feature get so much that other never have any chance to get any attention. If it is a feature we can implement it is fine but often we can’t or it will take time… it then become harder to see other interesting ideas.


I understand that but any post that was created before voting will only get like 10 votes max, rarely will people go back and search for that topic.

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I see your point but to be honest the same can be said for the latter. not enough votes will neglect most topics

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These are the limits you have reached yours
TL0: 2
TL1: 4
TL2: 6
TL3: 8

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But hold on, I had 10 votes in before - then I deleted 2. How did I have 10 at the start?

They must have re worked it 8 is more then enough.

Ok, thanks for your help :)

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Vote do not “reset”. You get a fixed amount of votes to cast on your most wanted features. Once the feature is implemented, votes for that feature are returned.


Sorry, I thought active votes were votes per day.

Maybe add 5 more votes please

They would add more votes in the future

Why don’t you just vote for what you really want 🙄

Fo those still unsure about this feature you need to remember this:

  1. This makes people really consider what they want most
  2. This leads to searching for what you actually want. This has its own benefits:
  • It benefits the Devs who know what you want most
  • It benefits us as moderators as less duplicates are posted
  • You guys think a little more before posting features just because they haven’t been posted before