New Voting plugin for Features category

Cool! I think this is a big help to the form. Because I think a lot of people just make feature requests to get likes.

It works on my tablet but not on my phone, i keep pressing on the title and the amound of votes. Is this a bug?

You may want to report this on Discourse Meta. If you don’t want to make an account there or if you need any kind of help, feel free to PM me and I would be more than happy to help you. :)


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Are the votes renewable?

They are not. Votes are returned when the topic you voted for is closed (meaning the feature is being implemented or we decided against it).

You can reassign your votes by removing your vote for things you care less about and casting your votes towards you most wanted features.

We will most likely increase the max number of votes in a few days once we properly tested this new plugin.


Don’t add too many votes! I really like this new plugin,will actually give you guys a real understanding about what the community wants, what’s more popular and stops people just liking for the sake of liking! Actually makes them think about what they are voting for, which in turn will hopefully stop duplicate posts and make people search more!

Keep up the good work!

I have a short question and I’m sorry, if it had been answered before.
Why does it say I’ve reached my voting limit, when I have made 6 active votes, but one and a half hours ago I was able to vote for 8 topics?
Why did it decreased? My trust level hadn’t changed.
[quote=“philippe, post:11, topic:101955”]
Yes, depending on your trust level you have a different limit of allowed “active” votes:

TL0: 3
TL1: 5
TL2: 8
TL3: 10

And even if my trust level has changed why 6 votes?

I hope anyone can answer my questions.


Are you sure you don’t have votes elsewhere that you don’t know about?

The same is happening to me, looks like a bug.

I only have 6 active votes, I have checked it twice, bit I don’t seem to be the only one

Exact same to me. Had 8 votes, took away some to make some space and now my max is 6…

I had 8 votes & now 6 too. I went to check on my profile in the summary section to make sure (only shows 6 votes). Any update/information in regards to this? I’d sincerely appreciate any.

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I made a mistake in my original post; limits are currently as follow:

TL0: 2
TL1: 4
TL2: 6
TL3: 8

We will increase those soon.

ps: actually might not be a mistake, the defaults might have changed since. I believe we mentioned this was still an experimental feature :)


Don’t know if you have answered this yet but for topics that are older but not closed, what will happen to them? They will not get as many votes as the newer topics even though they might be just as good or possible better. Any ideas and how to get older topics more votes because I am sure that not nearly enough people will search for an old topic just to vote for it, for that topic to even be noticed.

There is not much we can do other than inform ppl to search before posting/voting. This is a small price we have to pay for a way better (and more representative) voting system.


Well, people could pull their votes away from features that they already voted on. For example: I voted for something that I thought was a great idea, but when I searched for something else which happened to be older, I just transferred the vote to that. Essentially we need to prioritize the votes that we get, and place them where we really feel that they should belong. Don’t vote for something just because it has the populous vote.

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my votes are gone. I didnt use all or actually had some left and yeah, gg, theyre gone. Even if I remove votes I dont get them back. Very bad decision to implement this, or actually, you should change it to have a certain amount of votes “per day” instead of the actual system.

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How many votes does a feature need to catch the developers attention and intrigue for implementation?

It could have 1000 votes it doesn’t mean it’s going to be implemented, some things are not possible on mobile devices.

For example everyone wants 3D buildings, personally I can’t see this happening in the near future just because of how much memory it would need to work and keep everything else smooth!