New Voting plugin for Features category

The goal is to completely replace the old system (that system has already been read-only for a little while now) with this forum “feature” category.


This is going to be awesome! We will now be able to vote on the features? Awesome. Thanks Philippe.

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If you reload the forum you should already be able to cast your votes.

Please note that this is still an experimental feature so things might not always work as expected.


Just randomly visited a features thread and I see it. I’m very excited for this :)

Looked awesome Phillipe! Love it and Thanks alot! 😊. I would miss the previous “Like” system alot T-T

Will there be any limitations in casting your votes like in the old IF Support? (day = 3 votes)

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Will there be any limitations in casting your votes like in the old IF Support? (day = 3 votes)

Yes, depending on your trust level you have a different limit of allowed “active” votes:

  • TL0: 2
  • TL1: 4
  • TL2: 6
  • TL3: 8

These are default values that we will most likely tweak down the road.


I think this should be pinned

Hope it works fine. 😀😀😀😀

Thanks for adding this!

Neat new plugin. I like it!


Just shooting the wind, what about the super old requests that are vital parts that are missing like gear tilt and stuff like that, that have been requested before the voting thing but had a large number of likes? Will they be buried?

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Hey Philippe, are the limits in total, or a daily limit? Sorry if the answer is obvious, but I wanted to double-check. Thanks!

(Also, has the feature category gone back to “most recent” for now, at least until more votes have been cast?)

Limit is total; so you need to make sure to cast your vote on things that you really want next. We will probably tweak those values though.

Ordering is back to default for the moment (I believe default = activity). You can see the most voted features by pressing on the “Votes” tab


So I assume the older topics will be buried then

One thing that was really good about the ‘like’ system this forum used is that you could put a ‘like’ to any number of topics, and the most popular ones would still be clearly visible. The voting limit, on the other hand, reintroduced one of my least-liked features of the original feedback forum by restricting the number of features/development ideas you could support. Just my view of course, but this would tell less about the community preferences than the previous method.

Given the amount of time some of the features take to get implemented, the votes are not likely to be released for a long time. This also implies that the user has to make the choice between supporting something that they would really really want but is unlikely to get implemented and something that they still want (but less), but has a more public support so might get done faster.

Could be a good system if not for the vote limit.

Another bit of feedback is that if you reach the limit and press the ‘vote’ button - currently nothing happens. User has to reload the page in order for that button to update. An info window or an automatic text refresh would be better.


Thanks for the feedback.

The problem with using “Like” alone is that once a feature is at the top, the visibility of other features are greatly reduced. With this new voting plusing, we are able to set the features category back to a default sorting behavior where you see features based on activity (which is important for all features to have equal discoverability).


Is the plugin automatically added to “Features” or is there an additional step on our part when creating a such topic?

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It is automatic for all topics in the feature category.


Yeah fair enough :) I understand the reasoning, but perhaps the amount of allocated votes could be increased by a greater margin? I used up the few votes I had in the blink of an eye, - while there were still a lot of others (a lot of them a very long way down the list) that I’d happily vote for.

On another note, there doesn’t seem to be a way to withdraw existing votes, unless I missed it? Would be a good addition, especially with a voting limit.