New Volotea and Malaga in 3D!

Hello! On my first flight of 22.8 I made a quick flight to try the incredible new livery of volotea and two new 3D airports in which one (Malaga) is my home, I also thank you @CPT.Europe for your incredible work at Malaga airport, congratulations it was incredible!

Flight: LEAL - LEMG

Flight time: 1 hour

Plane: A319 volotea

Here’s a photo after smearing butter on the landing


Yooo! I remember you! I was landing at Rwy 12 in a Boeing 738 Tui livery! Nice overtake btw!

And also beautiful picture! 🥰


Thank you very happy it’s finally here

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Yes! That was a great advance ;) and that landing was not bad 😉

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Nice shot! I used to call Volotea “Jam jar lid airlines a few years ago” XD
Bceause they look alike for some reason lol


It reminds me of that too 😂, but I think it’s more like a picnic tablecloth or something like that