New VO coming soon

Get Ready!

The most unique and most beneficial Virtual Organization coming soon…

IFS // Infinite Flight School

Our Ambition

We are dedicated to training members of the IFC to their upmost standards and unlock their full potential!

Staff Members (So Far)

Chief Executive Officer - @InfiniteFlightGeek
Chief Operational Officer -
Chief Staff Officer -
Head Of Air Traffic Control Training Departement -
Head Of Flight Training Departement -
Public Relations -
Human Resources -
Events Manager - @Planeviation
Social Manager-

We are not IFVARB approved and we haven’t created a thread for the organization yet. Keep in mind this is early in development and we are just trying to get high ranks to try to start up this Virtual Organization.

Please PM me if you are interested in a position.

See you in the skies!

Hey mate looks lovely. Unfortunately only approved virtual airlines are allowed to post in this category. Make sure you get approval from IFVARB admin before you post in the staff request thread.


Oof sorry bout that.

You can’t post at all advertising your VA/VO, that’s the rule. Start the process and then we can go from there.


Refer to this thread for information on how to proceed.