New Virtual Airline

Hey does anyone want to help me start up my new VA? I’ll PM you the info.

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Not sure about this but I think u should start here

I think he has to be applied or something to request in that thread

Yeah but its only the website and after when u pass the 1st stage. And exp statement and ops plan

I havent created it yet but I am wondering if someone would like to help/join

Sorry bro I cant cuz I am setting up own VA, but I am sure u will find people once u passed the first stage of the process

No problem I’ll just wait for someone and start setting it up

Hey only VA’s in the application process are allowed to post in that thread.

As for @Ianuccelli I would suggest taking a look at the IFVARB airline database and seeing which VA’s are taken before starting an application process.

If/when you are approved then you can post in the thread above ^^ and you can find a COO who can help you.