new Virtual Airline

can some one please help me with a va name because i already have a website made and an application process i just need a Virtual Airline name

If you already have a website and a application process with the IFVARB you would’ve had to submit a name to the IFVARB to begin the process.


yes i know but its because i made one for american virtual without looking for it to see if it is taken which it is

American Virtual, which has quiet the standing, has been approved and running since last last year.

Also you need to be TL2 in order to begin the application process

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I think you should call it “The Tim Horton High Jump Skiiers Who Went Ice Skating At Robson’s (TTHHJSWWISAR)” because why not…? In all seriousness, once you meet the requirements, you can call it whatever the heck you want. The world of VAs is a vast world with endless possibilities! Once you get into it, you’ll love it

Best of luck with you future VA/VO


sure that can be a fun virtual airline i guess but yes i know its just so i can get started with some of my friends on instagram

thanks man hopefully it goes well

how do you get to **TL2 **though


thanks but all i got to say is that at least i have a website and application for once im up there to send a application for a VA

Since your not the right rank to start a VA/VO you can always check here to be staff in a VA.

Lots of VAs on there looking for staff members.

where would i find where the staff application for the va airlines

If your looking for Staff Applications too Virtual Airlines (Applying for Staff) Check this thread

If you are looking on how to CREATE a Virtual Airline, check this thread

I suggest you be on a VA first (if you aren’t already) to see how it feels, since a new VA is a commitment. Have you beeen a member or staff member of any VA?

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Asiana airlines? They are top 20 airlines in the world and not taken. An A380 operator as well

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To get to TL2 keep liking commenting helping others and I’m sure you’ll get there 😉🙂

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