New Virtual Airline Zimbabwe Airways

Hey Guys! Just finished setting up a new VA. Please join up at this link https://zimbabweaairwaysvirtualairline.weebly…

Welcome to the forum! Firstly it’s great to see you’ve put some effort into making a VA. Here on the forum we have a #live:va category specifically for VA posts. We also have a Virtual Airline regulatory board, the IFVARB. If you wish to run a VA and advertise it here on the forum you’ll need to apply to them first, all details for that can be found here in their thread, IFVARB Information Thread [Start Here!] [Updated 20190111]. You’ll also need to become TL2 which can be achieved by returning to the forum and liking and posting comments. The reason behind this is to ensure we have quality over quantity when it comes to VA’s.

I hope you understand all of that and good luck if and when you come round to applying.