New Virtual airline opening celebration. Start joining on 2/4/21

This looks really cool I might join!

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Great! Thank you for your support

This should be in the #live:va category. Correct me if Im wrong. Also, it seems like a little of spam scince is in #general

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Are you approved from the IFVARB process? Because I checked and there’s not approval of this VA.


Do they allow suspended users as CEO’s?


Hey bro! I see you joined 13 hours ago. So you might not know, however you have to apply through the IFVARB to obtain said VA. This process can take up to a month. Please refer to this for more information:

??? I really do not get why you say it is spam :/

Well, this is considered advertising. Which sometimes advertising is considered spam

Wait what?

What do you mean wait what? 🤨


Sorry. I can’t find it. I can’t find it in the VA database

It’s not an IFVARB approved airline

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No, It seems that is not approved yet. To add on, the user joined some hours ago. So you maybe he’s in trouble now

Really confusing now 😖

Yeah Im just saying this is gonna open in a few hours

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Okay, but you have to go through the VARB process before you can advertise your VA


Okay i see

And your account is gonna close in a few hours too


It has to be IFVARB approved for you to advertise here

Unless Bribery is involved, It takes way more than a few hours for a VA to be approved… more like a few months.