New violation: must fly subsonic in class B airspace below 5000 ft.

This is just a counter that I want to put down to counter those misrepresenting fighter jets in IF. Because fighters accelerates well so some people misuses it. Fighters are supposed to be fun and demonstrates that pilot’s profession.
According to fly tests, fighter aircraft could go above mach 1 around 7 to 9 thousand feet if doing max range cruise. So based on flight tests, this requested new violation or a forced ghost like TFRs needs three things to meet and enforced. The first one is in Class B airspace, the second one is below 5000 ft, the last one is flying above mach 1 depending on the local temperature. If these three conditions are meet, that trolling pilot would be ghosted by the system in both TS and ES. I hope this would stop those trolls annoy subsonic planes. As a big time fighter pilot, I can tell you that fighter pilots aren’t always trolls.

I don’t really see any trolls on TS or expert with fighters if there are just contact a mod


could mods ban those players?

Yes they can

alright I didn’t know that I thought only IFATC players can ban.

Nope, Moderators also have the ability to if you can provide enough evidence


What about the vote for your own request thing?

And I feel more fighters are on Casual than in Training.

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maybe. I fly both in training and expert as a F-14, but I have seen reports of trolls so many times.

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As long as you’re not bothered by them, no need to do anything😉

they are on the forum and some people are bothered :(

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Let them know they can contact a moderator

Also, supersonic rules vary around the world.

In the UK, you cannot fly supersonic overland. The rules here are hesding any direction outside of 35nm of the coast, or 20nm off the coast on a 10° divergence.

In Poland, you can go supersonic above FL340 overland amongst other rules, while in Norway it is only allowed within booked (segregated) airspace.

So the rules would literally have to be different across the globe, and would literally be the most confusing thing for amateur sim pilots nevermind for us who have to deal with it everyday!


Good point, but maybe we should have a rule that incorporates all these rules? I’m mainly going for Poland’s rules, but I think this feature request is sort of falling apart😕

I do this based on IF meta not real world. But thanks for the information.