New violation for live

If it’s possible, in the future (when we have passengers) can we have a violation where if passengers get injured, you lose XP? This is only for advanced🙂

This would be an example for a 737 Airliner:

1-5: -1xp
6-10: -5xp
11-30: -15xp
ALL: -80xp


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That’s why I said, "in the future"🙂

But I specified it now👍🏼

How would the passengers be injured? What factors would need to be measured to indicate a condition may cause injury? How do you calculate severity of injury and/or number of passengers injured?

It sounds like this would be a very big undertaking and probably result in a game-like unrealism.

Or maybe u get notifications from passengers saying wow amazing landing or ow my body hurts. The captain didn’t even turn on the seat belt sign. Or wow we were confined to our seats for the whole flight the captain not once turned off the seat belt sign


Poor skill in piloting an aircraft


Infinite Flight Tycoon 2016

Passenger 39 has scraped his knee!
Passenger 26: “This flight is great!”
Passenger 104 is becoming ill!
Passenger 104: “I can’t find the bathroom!”
Passenger 87: “I’m lost!”


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Passenger 120: WHERE ARE THE BARF BAGS!!!😖

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Passenger 125: I WANT SODA!!!
Passenger 128: HOLD MEEEEEE!!!
Passenger 126: I NEED A BLANKY👶🏼


Fspassengers anyone?

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This feature will have to wait😂😂

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When there was the 747 landing mission, you could see the g-forces on the passengers. Maybe that could be a good staring point?

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Starting (fill

JFK a I see the point your getting, since people make the ride awful, but as others have said, this is a bit to far in the future. Still interesting idea.

I’m not sure. Interesting concept, but sometimes we have off days, and having to be absolutely perfect would be annoying. I prefer just having the flight as is, only worrying about the plane. The whole “so and so” got injured in a rough landing would be silly. Plenty of rough landings happen, and nothing comes out of them except a slightly disgruntled and/or excited passenger…

Passenger 1368567644, “Stop pushing me off the Verticle Stabelizer!!”
Passenger 1265587536, “NOOOOOOOOO my spot on the winglet got taken!!”


@JFKPlaneSpotter101… Max Sez… This is just another Peanut " Emergency Procedures"Posts. The Peanuts never check or think! Stop humoring the Peanuts folks. 19 Posts and counting! What’s a matta you!