New Vietnam Airlines Airbus A321-200

Vietnam Airlines A321-200 livery replacement

Vietnam Airlines is a flag carrier of Vietnam. The airline was founded in 1956 and later established as a state-owned enterprise in April 1989. Vietnam Airlines is headquartered in Long Biên District, Hanoi, with hubs at Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi and Tan Son Nhat International in Ho Chi Minh City. The airline flies to 64 destinations in 17 countries, excluding codeshares services. One of their latest route is from Ho Chi Minh City to San Francisco, they use their A350s to fly the route.

As this topic, we will take a review of the VNA A321 new livery. If we make this work, this will be a replacement of the current one with the newer livery.

Photos were taken by me

So before we vote, I want to make sure that if you like the sharklets version or the wingtips version

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  • Wingtips
  • Sharklets
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Registration suggest
VN-A398 (wingtips)
VN-A609 (sharklets)

The 3D airports are expanding. Currently, I’m working on Vietnam airports (my home), and I’m sure you will love it when flying with one of the VN liveries in my country.

Definitely a must have, a lot better than the current old one. Although sharklets look nicer, they’re not exactly the most accurate in IF, so that’s why I’d rather have standard wingtip fences.


VVCR Cam Ranh Intl Airport is on working!

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I like this livery more than the old one! :)

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Excepting that ugly red thing on the left, it looks beautiful!

You’ve got my vote!


Thank you! You’re the best ❤️

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Got my vote ✅


Wow, the vote poll is much more than the official vote 💀

Not all people have spare votes to cast.

Take my vote! As a Vietnamese, I will make this thing work and be added in the game!


Let’s get more vote!

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You have my vote


Take mine! Will support for this


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Can we get 20 votes please?

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Vietnam Airlines’ A321-200 livery typically featured the following design elements:

  1. Fuselage: The main body of the aircraft is predominantly white, providing a clean and classic appearance.

  2. Gold Stripe: Running along the windows and the tail section of the aircraft, there is a distinct gold stripe. This stripe adds a touch of elegance and represents Vietnam Airlines’ branding.

  3. Tail Fin: The tail fin typically features a stylized lotus flower, which is a symbol of Vietnam. The lotus flower is often depicted in red, gold, and white, adding a splash of color to the aircraft’s tail and representing Vietnamese culture and heritage.

  4. Logo: The Vietnam Airlines logo may appear on various parts of the aircraft, such as the tail fin or the fuselage near the front. The logo usually consists of the airline’s name in a stylized font, accompanied by a graphic element that incorporates elements of the lotus flower or wings.

It’s essential to note that airlines may occasionally update or modify their liveries, so there might be variations or changes to the described design elements.