[New Video Up!] Go Watch! IFAE’s Video Thread

Hello Community! Here’s where you can find all of the latest videos of the Infinite Flight Aviation Experts YouTube Channel!



Special thanks to @IFPHGOFFICIAL, @Andrew_C_Sonkin and @IFAE_AF_WILDEYE for playing parts in the video!


Why can’t you just use this? That thread is for posting YT vids - IFYT! Infinite Flight YouTube


@AviatorDan made something similar to this. Figured I’ll do that.

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Glad to help cheers and happy holidays. @Nate_Schneller

That ending transition was so sick man! Great job on the video


Thanks guys! Next video’s all Trijets!

I’m speechless!!!
Great video. @anon66442947 check this out!

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Told him as well, haven’t got anything from him. Probably asleep. 😅

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Ouch. That was hot. Jeeezzz that something special. That ending was, well, out of this world (‘scuse the pun). I need to see some more of these. Stunning.

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@Nate_Schneller Wow, that was seriously good. one of the best IF vids I’ve seen. IFAE represent XD

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You guys have motivated me to give up my FNF time to work on the next movie. Lol. Gonna make this one’s production quicker.

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Woow, it’s going to be huge :D

That’s a lovely video! The combination of the 5 IFAE members (@IFPHGOFFICIAL, @Nate_Schneller, @Andrew_C_Sonkin, @IFAE_AF_WILDEYE ) is absolutely awesome, probably the best Infinite Flight themed movie I’ve ever seen before. Keep up the great job!

P.S : I’m out of words to explain how awesome you guys are, looking forward for more IFAE videos ;)


Wow, that was great! Looking forward to more videos from IFAE. :)

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Can I count myself as an Expert IFYTer?

In my opinion, while the part where there’s three aircraft and the outer two turn away is beautiful, I feel it isn’t exactly unique.
BUT for some reason, the middle jet raising it’s nose as the two turn away sends completely different…vibes?
Just that little detail made it phenomally better and unique 👍

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Oh. I saw your videos. Hilarious! It’s like Danny2462 in IF! Also, you are quite informative

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Erwin isn’t in IFAE, but he decided to jump in. It proved very well.


They don’t let me in IFAE so I always crash their party LOL 😂😜 and my fee for being part of the video was a yearly subscription 👍🏼😂😉