New video - San Diego to Los Angeles - DASH-8 Q400

Check my new video,

Flying from San Diago Int. Airport to Los Angeles Int. on Bombardier Dash-8 Q400.

It is one of my favourite airplanes ( I guess the classic look and the amazing sound of turboprops engines what makes this category of airplanes so magical ,🙂 )

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Good video!

One thing it is spelled San Diego not San Diago. otherwise good topic.

Why Flybe?

If you are looking to fly the Q400 on some realistic routes, I recommend the following:

KSEA-KRNO (Alaska 2634)

KSEA-KPDX (Alaska 2204)

These are just a few, but many more can be found on FR24!


Good video, though your rotation skills could use a little work 😅


Nice video. Just wanted to point out one thing. In the screenshot below, that is not a taxiway. You can check out @lucaviness’ tutorial regarding what is a taxiway and what isn’t linked below.

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Thank you 🙂🙂

My mistake 😅

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Why not 😳😳

Thank you sure I will try these routes 👍👍

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I only using infinite flight for less than a month 😅

This is very important to me, sometimes it becomes so confusing to me and i can’t be sure if I am using the correct tazi way or not, thank you for tjis tutorial

@Thunderbolt @Alec thanks for the suggestion to @Ahmed_Hussein but I say as long he doesn’t disturb anyone this is a free game there’s no realism needed. I can go in a A380 from lax to the Catalina Island, back in the old IF many didn’t care and now…

It was just an idea to better his channel and photos…

No problem just I’ve seen a lot of attacking on the grade 1 and 2’s

It’s not attacking, it’s educating. Big difference.

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Sorry if I said attacking @Alec @Thunderbolt but sometimes the community is not at the best