New Video KSNA - KMCO ! Breeze Airways

Hi everyone, here is a new video on my youtube channel !

Server: Expert Server
Route: KSNA - KMCO
Aircraft: A220-300
Livery: Breeze Airways


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very happy @Pilot_InfiniteFlight noises

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That livery looks familiar…

Great job on this seriously nice video!


Thank you very much

Just curious is anyone available for a group flight this upcoming Friday ?

Now this is seriously nice!


Thank you very much !

What was the name of the song you used? Sounds very familiar just can’t think of the name. Great vid.

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Ikson - Last summer

Thank you !

Awesome video! Definitely added to my list of routes I want to try. One suggestion I have is to turn of the aircraft names so they don’t show up when you record it

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thank you! Yes, I will probably do that

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Umm… I have already did the recordings for my next video and it does show aircraft names. So, the following video I will make sure to remove aircraft names

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