New Video Coming?

I was going to do a flight on PG, when I noticed on the Paris France region, 2 ATC. But when I went back to the main screen it didn’t show Paris.

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The region select screen has a bit of a delay.

How could this lead to a new video?


What is this post for? Legit question here


He means theres gonna be a view on YT.

A Staff has 2 ATC helping him with the video…

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the tutorials that they make is on another server, I’m 100% sure it wasn’t another video that the made.


There is a special server that the videos are made on


There’s another server?! 😱


Shhhh it’s an IFATC secret

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At least no one can photobomb their official shots ;)

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Surprise surprise it’s also where the undisturbed tutorials come from :)

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Haha I thought maybe he picked a quiet time (after a long time of research) but turns out I am wrong! 😂

If there are no flights and a region and there’s ATC, the ATC doesn’t show up on the status screen…

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They made another server for the IF Olympics :-)

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Well I don’t follow them closely so I don’t really care 😂

Official photoshoots would be the talk of the town though!

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It’s a simple refresh of the page that will make it up to date again :)

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