New video|Chicago O'Hare to Denver international

Yesterday I posted my first video, the feedback and comments I received was very helpful to me, I really learned alot . So I edited another video today and tried my best to consider every feedback. I hope you enjoy this video and waiting for any comments/feedback

casual Server
17:45 local time


Pretty good! Looks like a lovely flight.

It’s good, but three things for feedback:

  1. Why does the first part show you taxiing on the side taxi lines (I believe those are the borders of the actual taxi line)?

  2. When you landed at KDEN, on the bottom left, it said EHAM. I believe you meant KDEN, right?

  3. It seems you parked at a gate too small for a 772… maybe check the gates at your arrival airport before you depart, so you know where to taxi.

But another than that, nice flights, good scenery, & good aircraft choice!