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How do I update the new infinite flight version when my App Store is locked

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I’m afraid it’s not possible to download or update any games without using the App Store.

You’ll have to wait until it gets unlocked, unfortunately.

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For replying I’ll try to unlock it
Thanks again


I Wes tile now in grade3 but because I did not fly a long time so I became a grade1 flyer
So please if you could put me back on grade3

Unfortunately that’s not how it works.
All users are required to maintain a certain level of activity to retain higher grades. These are usually the Flight Time (90 days) & Landings (90 days).

Once you’ve caught up with those, it should restore your grade.


I actually may have a solution for you to update the game and it is really simple:

Go to settings on your iPhone or iPad, go into “General” and then “iPhone Storage”.

Scroll down until you see infinite flight. Click it, and there will be a button that says “offload app”. Do that, and once it is offloaded, click “reinstall” and it will reinstall with the latest version. No access to the App Store needed :D

Wow thank you so much that really helped
Thank you so much
Btw I have a problem that in middle of a flight all the planes around me get lost
Do you know maybe why dose it happen

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No problem! Glad my solution worked!

You can go into the settings on Infinite Flight and find the thing that says “aircraft count” and turn it to “very high”.

Came in clutch

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It’s on the very high and still not working good

It’s likely a connection issue then. Make sure you have a strong internet connection it should be just fine. There are also times where the server has a little bit of a hiccup and can disconnect you for a few seconds. You can tell if you have a weak connection or have been disconnected by looking in the top right of your screen for a green check mark. If that’s there, then you are connected. If it’s a red x, then you can tap on it and find out what the issue is.

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