New Version of IFAssistent?

Hello there, I didn’t flew a long while. Wants to start again and I am not sure if there is a new version or alternative app to the IFAssistant?

No, don’t think so. How long were you gone? Is this what you remember?

Yes, I think is has been 2 years. The app looks like you posted. A little bit disappointed that there didn’t came up a new one.


He has added French PA announcements, and there may have been a few other updates, but yeah seems to be the same.

Everything is working great, so…

The app is getting updated and a new feature is coming.

What more would you want?

Just curious: do you know more? I’m really liking IFA and would love to see more features :)


Check this out:


Yes, of course is IF the best simulator ever for smartphones. I don’t wants to miss it. I was just a bit disappointed because I remembered that the developer of the IFAssistant-App promised new updates with much more input…

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