new va

hey guys it’s Nicole and I am making the best virtual airline.

trust me, it will be huge.

it will be called…blank livery airways!!!

we will fly planes only in the blank white livery and operate at every airport in the world!!!

clearly, this is a joke. you guys really need to tone it down on the virtual airlines. Some of you are “claiming” airlines almost once a day, giving no one else a chance. Also, you should really work on the names more.


Whew, I thought it was a serious topic. So does that say something about me or this forum. I’m confused.


We have too many posts like this too why did you make it? Honestly I am also fed up of the “I’m sick of all these VA” posts. All we need is one topic.


Forum definitely

Someone actually made a VA called generic airways and you can fly any aircraft in the generic livery and fly anywhere until global comes out.