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Welcome To The Official Thread Of TUI Virtual

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TuiVA is founded in July 2019 with a firm focus on fleet and route realism. Our route database is updated every month keeping up with real life changes to the actual routes of TUIfly. Routes of all TUI sister companies (TUIFly Belgium, TUIfly Deutschland, TUIfly Netherlands and TUIfly Nordic) are offered, giving pilots a wide array of destinations to choose from (more than 1500 at launch).

We also have a structured ranking system and a rigorous training regimen, which emulates real life airline experiences into IF skies.

Our website is based on the VABASE platform which is one of the most widely used platform for major Virtual Airlines.
TuiVA is built with the aim of giving the best to it’s pilots in terms of fleets and routes and VABASE incorporates a lot of those in it’s technology.

We invite you to join us in flying for the world’s largest charter airline.

Discover your Smile.

Here are some reasons as to why you have made the best decision by choosing us:

Our Approach

As the biggest charter airline, we take pride in the realism we offer. We encourage our pilots and staff members to excel at what they do and provide them with the necessary push towards excellence. All issues are tackled at in the best possible way to ensure that there’s always a smile in the VA.


Each person, whether experienced or new to the simulator will go through a test and must achieve a certain percentage to qualify as a pilot and start their career with TuiVA. Our Chief Pilot will make sure that each and every pilot is made fit for the role and will be provided as much support as needed to thrive in the airline. Each pilot will be monitored by our Chief Pilot continuously to make sure our quality doesn’t drop.

Our Support

We boast of an amazing round-the-clock support system that keeps the cogs running. Pilots and staff members are a family here and of-course family comes first when it comes to support. So tarry not if you have any issues; help is always at hand.

Our experience

With staff and pilots coming from a diverse range of nationalities, skills and experience, TuiVA though new is like old wine in new bottle. We would love to have you on-board and expand our airline.

So, let’s get started…

Simply fill out the application form on our website on our official website

As CEO of TuiVA, I would like to thank IFVARB for a very quick journey from acceptance to approval. I welcome you all to experience one of the largest VAs in terms of routes and fleets to choose from. I assure you that you are in for the experience of a lifetime.

  • Abhas (CEO TuiVA)

The staff at TUI Virtual are very welcoming and helpful. I have had help from them since the day I joined! I recommend you come and fly with them! It’s fun flying the 787 and the 737!

  • Ryan (TuiVA100 our first pilot).

My journey started at AFKLM as an event manager moving on to a digital marketing manager at over 4 airlines and now I am here as the COO of TUI Virtual. I will be the one to look after the day to day workings and do the best for the VA. It gives me great pleasure to be working here. The atmosphere is really warm and welcoming. Come on join and cover miles using smiles

  • Vansh Purohit (COO TuiVA)

TUIV is an upcoming VA with excellent route connectivity. Join us today and Discover your smile here!

  • Manav Suri (CIO TuiVA)

We have a set of multi-talented staff who are working around the clock to make sure your experience isn’t hindered. Have a look at them below.

Below are the members of staff who are responsible for the smooth running of the airline:


Executive Team

Abhas Desai | @Cloudrush | CEO

Vansh Purohit | @vansh_purohit | COO

Manav Suri | @manav_suri | CIO

Management Team

Shane Robinson | Chief Pilot

Josh Tedla | Flight Operations

Oliver | HRM

These are the minimum requirement one must meet the join the virtual airline:


> Must be 12 years or above.

> Must be at least be grade 3 or above (Grade 2 must be able to undertake a flying test conducted by our Chief Pilot).

> Must fly once a week.

> Must be able to download and use Slack. (communication purposes)

>Must be able to provide a screenshot of the Grade table as proof for verifying the details.

Catering to more than 1400 destinations at launch, we encompass all TUI sister companies viz. Tui UK, Tui Duestche & Tui Belgium (Tui Nordic coming soon).

We use a free team collaboration software called Slack for all internal communications. We expect our pilots and staff to use it wisely and in accordance with IFVARB regulations.




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Looking good guys! Wishing you all the best of luck in the future!! :)


Amazing thread guys!


Nicely done! Good luck in all your future endeavors!


Looks awesome @OldTuiVirtual I can see a awesome and full of fun future for you.


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Welcome to the community!


Applied sent SS of my stats etc


Keep an eye out on your mail. Our recruiter will get in touch with you shortly 😉 @flyingCHIMP


Congratulations guys and welcome to the world of VA, I wish you a lot of success.


Congratulations @OldTuiVirtual awesome thread, and all the best with your new VA


“New VA on the blocks” caught my eye immediately, whoever thought of that props. Everything about your title and thread caught my attention:) Amazing thread welcome👍


Welcome to the VA world! Amazing thread you have here. Wishing you best of luck in your operations!


Applied and took test. 24/25, what’s next.

Our recruiter will get in touch with you shortly.

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Awesome thread guys. Just note that you have forgotten to put a space between TUI Netherlands and and.