New VA - Celebrating the famous 'Speedbird ' callsign

Speedbird Virtual Airline.

Firstly thank you for taking the time to click onto this post and learn more about this exciting new opportunity at Speedbird Virtual Airline.

Firstly, let me introduce myself: My names Louis. I am a Grade 4 IF Pilot with over 90hours of flight time and experience within the leadership of one of IF largest Virtual Airlines: EasyjetVA.

I left EasyjetVA with the vision of creating a fictional Virtual Airline. Today, here I am.

Alongside my Deputy President; Joshua Fleming ( @joshua_fleming) we aspire to create an airline were pilots enjoy flying together and share a community with other aviation enthusiasts discussing real-world aviation and helping to plan events and grow in size as a VA.

Here at Speedbird VA, we believe in ‘Evolution by Devolution’ – this means that we encourage pilots to create their own flying agenda and assist in the creation of events and help take the VA forward.

For those looking for opportunities in the SLT world. We are looking for experienced or inspiring leaders to take up some vacant posts within our SLT:

· Head of Ops (ATC)

If you are interested in joining us as a pilot, flying for us and using the famous ‘Speedbird’ Call sign specifically allocated to you!

Let us know now. PM @joshua_fleming , please let me know in the subject heading if you wish to apply for a SLT post or just wish to join us as a speed bird IF pilot.

We are not a British Airways based VA, This already exists. We are a fictional VA called ‘Speedbird VA’ Our only affiliation with BA is the use of their fleet alongside blank aircraft and also the use of the generic callsign Speedbird. This VA is to celebrate the famous callsign rather than BA itself.

Thank you, see you in the air!



Nice idea i’d be interested in the head of ops role?

what callsign do you use


Please, send Josh a PM. We would be delighted to consider you!


Josh is in touch now.


Good luck in your VA 😃

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**Thanks Bruno! Hopefully you will be flying with us or alongside us soon!


Happy enough to allow you to use your call sign and livery, as long as you maintain the idea of us being a completely separate VA,

Good day!


I’m a little confused. Is this a BA va, or not? :/

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Speedbird VA…


No, Its a VA that will operate using BA fleet and unmarked fleet. It will fly some of the present and original Speedbird call sign routes. (When global arrives, naturally our routes will expand)

This is to celebrate the Speedbird Call sign.


Thank you Colonel for your blessing.


Okay, thanks for clarifying.

Good luck from Redwings!


Thank you sir, Good day!


Well done and good luck from Qatar virtual


Thank you Qatar!!

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If anyone wishes to join us as at Speedbird VA. Please PM @Joshua_Fleming now for some details

Spaces are filling quick!

Our initial recruitment drive will close on Thursday 10th November.

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Good luck from United Virtual!


Good Luck from Emirates. I’m joining in anyways.

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