New users limited to 3 replies

New users are limited to 3 replys per day per topic

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Can these titles be edited? Replys = replies ;)

(All for the good of testing of course! Haha)

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Je ne sais pas ;) lol


Yes they can


any tipps on how to get “promoted” to a trusted user? These restrictions are really annoying

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The current requirements are:

  • enter 5 topics
  • read 15 posts
  • spend 5min reading posts

I’m still down as a basic user and I’ve exceded those requirements.

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basic user is lvl 1. New users are lvl 0

Okay thanks, I already reached it. But are there higher “levels” than level 1 basic user that can be reached by us normal people?

From googling, I believe the levels are…

Guest or Visitor (trust level 0) - passer-by. Not a registered user, that is, may be registered, but has not validated email. All others have registered and validated their registration.

Noob (trust level 1)

User (trust level 2)

Junior Moderator (trust level 3)

Senior Moderator (trust level 4)

Admin (trust level 5)

Then another page defines them as…
0 (New) → 1 (Basic) → 2 (Member) → 3 (Regular) → 4 (Leader)

This forum uses the second one:

0 (New) → 1 (Basic) → 2 (Member) → 3 (Regular) → 4 (Leader)


@philippe not sure what level i’m at but i went to something called “lounge” and in the content it said if i’m able to read then you are at level 3…so i’m not sure if that is correct???

For my own, and maybe others, future FYI, I would like to know how or what would seem stupid or rude to ask? I asked a question the other day and got answered with a condescending question, actually two. And I don’t want to be in conflict with anyone.

Thankyou for your time.

You have to be a Regular (TL3) to be able to go to the Lounge. :)