New User Tips

Pls help me, I want to learn more about the ifc and iff please reach out to me for any tips or tricks to help me


Tip #1: Don’t use all caps in your titles 😂.

Jokes aside, my tip would be to respect the rules.


Hey there!

To start off, I’d recommend checking out the User Guide, which you can use as your one-stop-shop for flying in IF. If you’d like assistance with a particular subject, I’d advise looking on the user guide and the forum for similar queries, and if you still can’t find the info you need, create a topic about it in the relevant category, and one of the community members will help you out!


Embrace mistakes, they are key to the highest quality of learning.


When it comes to the IFC, it would be best to read the guidelines and the forum suspension guide. It’ll provide good information on what is and is not acceptable as well as what can get you suspended or permanently banned.

My advice would be to have fun, respect others and share funny, wacky, or bizarre IF or aviation moments.

Also, don’t play the game bored, u’ll get violation tickets.
That’s when the community comes in handy!😉

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Just dont get suspended and youll be fine

Spawn in at KSFO and picked the x cub and do touch and goes… quickest way to get 100 landings for grade 3👍

Have fun and embrace this journey we’re on respect one another and you’ll have the time of your life or you risk getting banned and then we won’t be there to make your experience better

Personally I wouldn’t recommend. Reaching grade 3 is all about learning the ropes of Infinite Flight and aviation, not grinding just to get on the expert server. If you don’t learn anything from being on the training server then you shouldn’t be on the expert server. Work for it, and in the process, you’ll learn a thing or two to set you up to be a good pilot on the expert server!

I guess something else I would add is to read the rules and guidelines for making topics and the category said topic will be in.