New User Interface

I love the new UI. Takes some getting used to however, I think some of the button are a tad bit too close together. Namely the PAUSE and CAMERA buttons.

Also the RUD/BRAKE… I wish we could actually see the brake pressure being applied a bit better.

This is not me hating on the developer. As I stated I love the new UI, but there is no software update I can use to make my fingers smaller 😭😭😭


I thought I was the only one finding it a bit hard to see the brake pressure as your thumb covers it up, I did notice the buttons being close together but it isn’t so much of a problem for me. I’m considering making a feature request where the brake percentage is shown above the brake pedal instead of on it just to see it better. However, apart from that I love the new UI. Strongly agree for the brake pressure though

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Yea because I can see the pressure I’m applying I just use the parking brakes to slow down

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I don’t really have a problem with things closer together. The complaint I’m having is moving trim, gear and flaps too the left forces me the change my approach to landing certain aircraft.

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Dont have the rudder brake problem, but I do keep changing my setting on the far right (mine set to A/C load) when I mean to change the camera… and my fingers arent huge.


@JayIOM I 100% agree with you on this. I keep having the same issue.

This is good feedback. We’ll be looking at options.


Not only that, but i sometimes have issue with the map and atc icons as well. I’ll hit one quick and open the other and it does get annoying… Sorta been an issue for me for awhile, but i “miss” click on when i am in a rush so

The maps have to display a lot of info. This will always be the case with maps in aviation. Not sure we can do much there.

No i mean just opening them, so if i want Atc sometimes i’ll hit the maps icon and vis versa:)

To the left-hand side, Map and Frequency Button, too close for my taste, accidentally pressed on the Map once when on short final, the situation does become unnecessary stressful when I have to tap out and quickly get a vision of my surrounding for the second I was in the map by mistake.

To the right-hand side Camera and Menu Button, too close for my taste, mistakenly pressed on the menu when trying to switch camera angles, not that big of an issue her,e but if left side gets spaced out, hopefully, then the right side must follow suit to align properly its left-side counterpart.

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