New user from Dubai :)

Just saying hi, started with infinite flight last night on my android phone and today I thought I’d give it a try on my new iPad pro, simply gorgeous graphics, I hope they continue pushing updates :)



Welcome here, get enjoy, I believe it is the best app amongst all the games/simulators in mobile devices. Don’t forget to search topics and vote which you want to see.

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We just got a update on Thursday actually. So welcome to the updated infinite flight

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Welcome to the community, great to have you here!

Here’s some helpful links

Welcome to the IFC!

General Forum Guidelines

A Beginners Guide to the forum

How moderators moderate :)

If you have any other questions, feel free to let me or any others know :)

See you around! And hope you have a great time here!


Welcome hope you enjoy your stay ✌🏻


I am from dubai too i live in marina :)


Welcome, @ahmad_DXB!

You’ll find this a very active forum and an extremely helpful community.



Welcome! We will help you navigate if you would like!


Hello Ahmad
Happy that you join us here
I hope you will have a great time
Enjoy your IF experience
And if you need anything don’t hesitate to contact me


Salam aleikum habibi from Bahrain! Welcome to the community, enjoy your stay if you have any questions please ask me!!! 🤗


To ifc

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Finally someone who managed to pack all the information links into shortcuts instead of posting this monstrous comment where one had to scroll for like 5 minutes because of all the links and information! Thank you.

And at @ahmad_DXB: Welcome and have fun in this little haven of tranquility and [someone screaming “I GOT VIOLATED FOR NO REASON!!”] peace. Just kidding, it’s a great and interesting place, this community. Fun people, good staff and interesting topics 😊


I live in Mirdif :)

Welcome to the Infinite Flight Community! I think everyone here will agree with me that Infinite Flight is the best mobile flight sim out there! Feel free to ask anything, as it can be quite complex at times!

Happy flying, and I hope to see you skies at some point!

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Hello fellow user from Dubai!
Mirdif? You live in an amazing area which is right below the final approach path to runway 30L in Dubai international. Must be an avgeeks dream spotting all those heavies 24/7.

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Haii welcome !!

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Welcome to the Infinite Flight Community Forum!

As people have already linked you the most important information regarding how the IFC works and regulations surrounding the forum, I’ll just wish you the very best!


Hey @ahmad_DXB!
Welcome to IF, I hope you enjoy it
Btw I also live in Dubai if you wanted to do a flight one day just PM me and we can fly together!

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