new user and can't login

Recently i downloaded this game and it won’t let me login. i use google and it says account not found even though i just made one like an hour or two ago



You need to “link” your account in order to sign in with Google. Did you have a subscription on it?
If not, then you can’t sign in. You need to have a subscription in order to sign in.

That’s a good question. I’m sure @AlphaSeven answered it. @AlphaSeven if I were to buy IF on a second device and I had a pro subscription, could I login in on the second device without having to get another subscription?

Yes, you can log in on that second device with the same account.

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i have a subscription on the account but how do i link it?

Hello and welcome @DiverDown!

You can go into the game, and when you tap on your account, (Top right) there will be an option to “link account” in the bottom right of the screen.

You need to have a subscription in order to do this.

it says my account is not Found. “No Account associated to this profile was not found in the system”. I’m thinking either it’s the Winds aloft problem involving this or it’s something else. i have a subscription on my google account. my google is connected

What is your current callsign and display name in the app?

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i don’t have a call sign and display name in the app yet. i just got this subscription yesterday

Then begin with following the instructions here:

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if i uninstall the app will it disable the subscription?

i have restarted my iPhone and opened the app and tap fly online. still says not found. if i uninstall the app will the subscription save or not. if it doesn’t I’m not paying for another subscription. I’m thinking it’s the problem with the Winds aloft service you guys are having. if it isn’t then i have no idea what the problem is then.

You should not sign in. Just tap “Fly online!” and it should show the account details for you.

And please make up you mind which account you wish to use in here :) @Diver_Risks or @DiverDown


MThis is what I get if this helps. I don’t think it does but I’m showing you what I get on my side

Okay. In that case, reinstall.

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