New upright airline 'seat' - low cost future?

New upright airline ‘seat’ could see 20% more passengers fit into planes

The next generation of cramped airline seat could soon hit runways.
Italian seating company Avio Interiors unveiled its Skyrider 2.0, which “allows an ultra-high density in the aircraft cabin”, at this year’s Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg.

In my opinion, it might be very popular among low cost airlines such as EasyJet or RyanAir which fly only short-haul flights. No way premium airlines will adopt this technology as they are striving for satisfaction rather that a higher revenue. Also, airports might stimulate airlines to use his technology, as mostly (I know about Heathrow) airlines pay per every passenger which was in the flight (also for the use of the runway), so more passengers = greater revenue for an airport

Short-haul flights | The best and worst airlines for legroom
Airline Seat pitch
Aurigny 29-31
Norwegian 29-31
Jet2 29
Aer Lingus 31-32
Swiss 31
Air Malta 30
Lufthansa 30-32
KLM 30-33
SAS 30-32
Eurowings 30-32
EasyJet 29
Flybe 30-31
Tui Airways 28-34
TAP Portugal 28-30
Wizz Air 30-32
Thomas Cook 28-30
British Airways 29-34
Ryanair 30
Vueling 29-30

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What’s your opinion, fellow members?

  • Good option for an airline
  • Good for passengers
  • What?!
  • No way it will happen

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At that point I would rather they just put a bunch of walls to lean on…😂


Please no…please no…please no…tell me I’m dreaming…Frontier don’t you dare get these seats.


It looks so uncomfortable for your…


These seats aren’t new. They have been showcased many times and honestly it’s nothing more than showcasing what would be possible if humans didn’t care about anything. It won’t happen and it’s purely a waste of R&D costs for the company.

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Exactly lol! However, EasyJet are discussing it rn, 99% sure:) They even thought of introducing pay for use of toilet but people went mad


Actually though unless they put some sort of chest strap your whole back would be so sore since you would have to pressure yourself against the seat, and the head rest looks to be at a positive angle wich would be terrible for your neck, so probably not healthy too…

It’s like a rollercoaster seat pretty much


But on those air pressure keeps you back, and you are fully strapped in…

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If this happens I will stop flying on the airlines who use it (as long as it’s in my power).


When you think that seats couldn’t get more cramped and uncomfortable.


Coincidence it is in spirit colors??

I think not!


If this is for like an hour or so and the flights are cheap, I wouldn’t mind. Anything longer than an hour would be horrible.


I just see if this is implemented people would not want to fly and rather take the train, or drive rather than sit in this.

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I have updated this topic with a seat pitch comparison


I would rather have this on Regional Jets. I probably can’t stand an hour on that.

Well, I’ll just wait and find out

i would love.


It wouldn’t make any difference unless they added more emergency exits. They can add them, but they can’t go over a certain number of seats per exit.

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Not gonna happen I think quality of seat will improve not decline

How do people expect other to sit up like that for a whole freaking 12 hours on a long haul?!?! People are never going to fly on airlines if this comes out.