New update

When can I access this ?

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Restart the game.

Double tap and swipe up or re download it ?

Double tap and swipe up, yes.

What’s the difference with the airports I can’t tell?

Most of the airports that are listed have been reworked by the team at IFAET. Some given small updates, some given full reworks. Navigation updates dont include new features per sè, however.

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Can you give me one to go too so I can check please

Scroll down and you’ll find the list of airports reworked by country. I’ll leave it to you to check out what you want.

Is Heathrow one ?

No the only one updated in the UK in the September release was EGNX.

Ok I’m gonna go there now thanks

Let us know of any extra questions you have, glad we could help you out.

I can’t see any difference in the airports

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Again, some airports have different needed updates. East Midlands, doesnt seem to be a big one, as airports are edited to accuracy.


Ok what should I look for what had changed in the airports ?

Theres not much you’ll be able to tell without a reference of the airport from before the update. Anything could have changed from taxilines, taxiways, etc.

Do you know when 20.2 is coming ?

No one really does, as navigational updates are different from ordinary updates. Developers dont release dates on when updates will come so that they can work on their own pace. All I can tell you is it’ll come when it’s ready.

Ok do you think it will be this month?

I personally have no idea 🙃