new update

I like a new update for planes soon please it is getting boring now so please hurry up with update and please add a real terminal and pushback tractor and a realistic airport com system and moving terminal hope to see it in update.

Be patient please, we all want the update like you😉 And please post individual posts for those topics, but search first if it’s not duplicated.

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What u think will be in new update

Please do not request all these features in one post. Being IF is a mobile flight simulator, it has limited capabilities, especially with 4 developers.

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What we have seen previously, the revamped 777 with new variants and liveries. The 787 was supposed to be next, but not confirmed yet.

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To add to that there are going to be new ATC commands:)


Please be patient and be sure to search around the forum for interesting topics and more information on this issue:)