New Update

So I’ve been hearing global flight is being confirmed. Is this true? And also are there going tone any new regions or aircraft other than the 787?

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Please close this one
Search before post, and we don’t know anything yet :)



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Whoops sorry about that. :(

It is not a request so it’s okay where it is.

Thank you, I thought that was odd

No don’t close it. He’s not asking when the update is coming but what is confirmed and what isnt

Thank you also, I searched but didn’t find anything related

It is confirmed, just for the record. @Qantas_ryan @Ace_Gaming

Let the moderator decide, sorry for interruption :)

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Airight Back on topic now.

there is no topic to be had

I suggest you read and continue the discussion at A New Dawn, Continued as Tecnam has mentioned


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