new update?

i just reinstalled the app and while loading to the airport there was a notice about an update so i shut down the app and went to the play store and downloaded the update,

is it a fix related to the graphic issues?

It’s a fix for a few things :)


And you can replay your flights! :D

btw i am not talking about 19.1 already have it, another small update was available when i checked few minutes ago which i assumed to be a fix to the issues that came with 19.1


Yup, you are correct. The devs rolled out some fixes. I can’t go into detail but they are still hard at work for us. They are a tremendously motivated group for sure.


i can only say thanks a lot to the devs and all the hard work they put into it ^_^

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We can reward them with 5-Star reviews in the app stores. :)

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Thx for the fixes IF appreciate it just want to know does it only update on youre app store because I dont see the update data base on my game when opening it was jus curious

Some things can be fixed without you having to update the app from the store. Other things require the fix to be pushed to the app stores.

Ohhh I seee because I updated again dont know if I had to just scared it changes the game if I update to.much

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