New update

So far this is an amazing update. Love the details of the new aircrafts. However, I have a small complaint about the new controls layout. Its very inconvenient, my fingers get in the way when Im trying to change something on autopilot. Is there anyway you guys can go back to the previous layout?

I don’t think the layout was changed in the update but there is a difference from a Tablet to say a smartphone.

Now the autopilot controls are on the left. Before the update they were on the right. At least on my Galaxy s8+ they were.

On smartphones all Autopilot controls are on the left

Nope. Before the update, my controls on the S7 were exactly like the tablet ones…everything on the right. Now they are half right and half left. Quite annoying.

As I haven’t received the update myself and on IOS phones the controls are split I don’t know.

For me, this was even before this update: when Global released.

I have a problem with the throttle control; I have opted to allow the throttle control to be moved up/down across the left side of my screen.

But, as said already, the control have not been changed in the latest update.

Just keep flying and you’ll get used to it soon

My fingers get in the way when im trying to make changes to the autopilot.

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