New update

Is this update going to work on my Samsung S8? because i went into the app and it says my device does not support the app.


Is your device rooted or modified in any way? S8 is a supported device.

i dont think so…the only thing i have done was the phones update like 3 weeks ago. But i havent done anything else to the phone.


Can you please provide a screenshot from your Play Store showing the message saying it’s incompatible?

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Okay, that is really weird.
Sorry for asking about screenshots all the time, but one from “About phone” or whatever it says in settings would also be good.


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A quick restart of your device may do the trick.

Are you still experiencing the issues? As said, your device seems to be completely compatible so try restarting or uninstalling then reinstalling IF (hopefully with the new version).

Same happened to me on my s8, device not compatible. A quick restart of your device should fix this

Also ensure this app is fully upto date :-)



i already restarted the phone twice and nothing…i shall try unistalling and reinstalling the app

well…unistalled the app,resarted the phone, and nothing…now i cant download the app

I believe the Play Store is having issues with some Samsung devices. I have an S7 Edge and IF doesnt show.

I chatted with Google play store support and was told to contact FDS regarding it. I think with the number of posts that they are aware of the situation and are looking into it.


Hi there. Not to tease but I have the s8 plus and I have the app downloaded and it fully works. So it shouldn’t be a device issue but a playstore issue. Hopefully you get it soon.

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