New update


Hey guys when is the new updates coming out.I really want to know.I have a few things I want really badly to come.First an actual airport with gates, Terminals all that u know


I’m afraid this has been discussed countless times and only the devs know when the update will be, they also don’t tell anyone in case they have problems and it is delayed


It’s coming out tomorrow. Honest.


You must be in the Twilight Zone …and not know it…because by the time an update with all those significant additions comes out you will probably need to get it there…in case you did not notice recently…these android and l-snob devices do not come with 8 gigs of ram and a tb SSD drive yet…maybe next year…


How do you know


Next tuesday. :)


It could be Oct I have heard


This had to be done


Oh haha just realized the gun is a plane


Who built stone henge? Have aliens visited us? Where is DB cooper? When is the update coming out?

Has and always will, remain a mystery :)


Chuck Norris. Yes. Thailand. Next Tuesday.


I’ll agree with chuck Norris but not the others I’m afraid.