New update won't show

Well when I heard the new update came out I immediately Go to the play store to update my IF…then the only option i could see is UNINSTALL & OPEN it does not have the UPDATE button…why is that? PLZ HELP ME GUYS

Are you sure it hasn’t already been updated? Sometimes it does the update automatically for me.

What device do you have?

Hello there!

Can you tell us what version do you have? There is not a update in past this week.

I think I had a the version before the latest update…

If you go into “about” on the Infinite Flight app, and look at the top left hand corner, you will see a series of numbers.

These numbers are actually the version of Infinite Flight you’re running - if you could tell us this, we’ll be able to see if you have the latest version installed or not :)

If that’s not the case, I think your device is not compatible with this version, because before you post updates, google checks if your device is compatible or not with it.

@FKMX correction on everything you’ve just stated: Google does staged rollouts for all app updates.
Until you have some information on the device, don’t say “I think your device is not compatible”, A Because you don’t actually know, and B if his device was compatible with the last update, it will equally work on this update.