New Update Where do you change control Sensitivity

Hey just updated my IF to the newest update. Went to my controls, because no matter what I did upon rotation, the AC would not rotate. Notice that the ailerons too were not responding at all. Go to settings and see the ailerons and elevator control show that they are swinging around WILDLY. I wasnt moving the Ipad at all so I reset the controls. Now, the A/C is back to acting like a fighter jet with the rudder being violently sensitive upon rotation. Trying to find where you can bring all them way down, but with the new UI im having no joy. I go to motion in settings and see nothing. Anyone know where I can find this stuff now? ugh I need to turn off these stupid auto updates. Grrrr

Go to SETTING → Controls → CONFIG (bottom right).

Which part of that do I change? And is this just for elevator and ailerons? The rudder sensitivity is my biggest problem. Thx!

Hey there,

It sounds as though an upcoming hot fix will help clarify which bits you need to tweak

Awesome! Looks like a cluster right now. Ill just wait it out. Thank you

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Unfortunately the settings for yaw are only available for connected controllers and not for the on-screen rudder slider.
I brought it up in beta, so hopefully the settings will be re-added soon.

I sure hope so, cause its almost impossible to fly at this setting for me. Thanks for the heads up tho


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